10 Best Cricket Umpires of All Time

Cricket umpires make calls. He decides delivery, wickets, and play. Umpires count pitches and end each over. ICC umpires officiate Tests and ODIs worldwide. The panel began in April 2002. Both Test and ODI umpires are now nationals. Lets Know Ten Best Cricket Umpires.

Before 2002, only one Test and both ODI umpires were independent. Most ICC appointments are elite panelists. Outstanding umpires. ICC requires high-quality umpires. 10 Tests and 15 ODIs are umpired annually. ICC umpires list is updated annually.

1. Steve Bucknor

Bucknor officiated. From 1989-2009, Bucknor officiated 128 Tests. Umpired 181 ODIs. He officiated the 1992-2007 Cricket World Cup. Bucknor received the Commander Class Order of Jamaica for “outstanding sports services.” Bucknor played against India on March 18, 1989. April-May 1989, Jamaica. His umpiring was appreciated after a few games. He refereed Australia’s 1992 World Cup.

Bucknor refereed 1996, 1999, 2003, and 2007 World Cup finals. One Test umpire became independent in 1994. International Umpires Panel chooses them. Bucknor served until 2002. Independent umpires officiate Tests and ODIs. Elite ICC umpires officiate. Elite Panel’s Bucknor retired. In 2009, Bucknor retired.

2. Dickie Bird

1933-04-19 Born: Dickie Bird Umpire English. Fans and players liked his umpiring. In 93 first-class matches for Yorkshire and Leicestershire, Bird scored two centuries. 66 Tests, 69 ODs, 3 World Cup Finals. In February 2014, Yorkshire announced Bird’s March 29 election. His million-copy autobiography was published in 1997.

1970: First county game. He umpired England vs. New Zealand after three years. World Cup umpire in 1975. Bird has officiated 54 tests in England and 15 at Lord’s.

3. David Shepherd

Shepherd played for Gloucestershire. He became an umpire. He umpired more Tests than any Englishman. Umpired 1996, 1999, and 2003 World Cup finals.

The 1979 retiree became an umpire. He later umpired cricket. In 1981, he became a first-class umpire. He’s a fair and good referee. 1983 World Cup umpire.

4. Simon Taufel

1971-01-21. Former Australian umpire. Elite ICC umpire. 2004-2008 ICC Umpire of the Year World-class umpire Taufel. He retired after 2012’s ICC World Twenty20 final. He joined Seven’s 2020/21 test series team. Taufel’s first ODI was in Sydney on Jan. 13, 1999. Umpired Australia vs. West Indies in Melbourne in December 2000.

He joined the ICC umpires panel in 2002. World Cup 2003 umpire. Five-time top umpire Taufel. 2006 ICC accuracy and overall rankings: 2nd, 1st. 2004 Champions Trophy final. Taufel is the youngest ODI umpire. He officiated Sri Lanka-2011 India’s World Cup final. Taufel retired after the 2012 ICC World Twenty20. He left cricket’s elite umpire panel to work for the ICC. he resigned in 2015

5. Aleem Dar

1967-06-06. Pakistani umpire and cricketer. ICC umpire Aleem. David Shepherd Trophy winner 2009-2011. Aleem Dar, Marais Erasmus, Richard Kettleborough, Kumar Dharmasena, and Simon Taufel won before 2017. Before becoming an umpire, he batted and bowled leg-break. 2019 was Aleem’s 129th Test. On 1 November 2020, he officiated his 210th ODI. Rudi Koertzen’s ODI record was broken. Aleem began umpiring a Pakistan-Sri Lanka ODI in 2000.

ICC umpire since 2002. World Cup umpire Aleem. First Pakistani ICC umpire in 2004. Aleem’s 100th ODI was on Oct. 17, 2007. He was the 10th to do so. First Pakistani to referee 100 ODIs in seven years. 2006 ICC Champions Trophy final officiated by Aleem. He officiated Australia-Sri Lanka’s 2007 World Cup final. Dar was the 2010 ICC World Twenty20 final umpire.

6. Billy Bowden

11.04.1963 Kiwi umpire. His “crooked finger of doom” signal is dramatic. On 6 February 2016, Bowden played his 200th ODI. First ODI in Hamilton, March 1995. First Test: March 2000. He joined the EIUP in 2002.

In South Africa a year later. He refereed Australia-India. He then joined ICC’s Emirates Elite Panel. until 2013 Fourth umpire in 2007 Cricket World Cup final. Billy umpired the 2015 World Cup. Until June 2016, he officiated FIFA matches.

7. Daryl Harper

1951-10-23: Australian cricket umpire Daryl John Harper born. ICC’s Elite Panel since 2002. India criticized Harper during the India-West Indies Test series. Harper started officiating in 1994. First ODI was NZ-SA in Perth. 1998 was Harper’s debut. Harper started officiating Tests abroad. In 2002, the ICC required two independent umpires for Tests and one for ODIs.

ICC Elite selects independent umpires. The panel has 8-10 ICC umpires. Harper participated. Harper officiated South Africa’s 2003 World Cup opener. He umpired his 100th ODI on 31 August 2005 in Harare. 2009 player referral trial third umpire.

8. Rudi Koertzen

Rudolf Eric Koertzen, 1949. Former umpire South African Koertzen He loves cricket. SAR’s Koertzen played cricket. In 1981, he began umpiring. 1992 marked Koertzen’s debut. 1992 December Both matches were in Port Elizabeth. TV first-run replay.

Koertzen signaled an out. In 1997, he joined the ICC full-time and founded the 2002 Elite Panel. He reached 150 ODIs on 19 April 2006. On 21 April 2007, he surpassed Shepherd’s 172 ODIs. Koertzen’s 200th ODI was 11 July 2009. He officiated 100 Tests on 16 July 2009. Tests 108.

9. Darrell Hair

30-September-1952 He refereed NSW matches. 2002-2003 international umpire. ICC Elite panelist with Simon Taufel and Billy Bowden. The ICC banned him from umpiring Tests after a 2006 match between Pakistan and England. After being reinstated to England’s Elite Panel on March 12, 2008, he played in May and June 2008 against New Zealand.

Hair’s first Test was in January 1992. In 1994, the ICC began appointing non-playing umpires to Tests. Since 2002, both umpires have retired. Hair has played mostly abroad since 2002. His last Test was 26-29 December 2001 in Melbourne.

10. Tony Hill

Born on June 26, 1951. New Zealand’s former international umpire. Former ICC Elite Panel umpire. In March 1998, he umpired a New Zealand-Zimbabwe ODI in Napier. His first test was in December 2001 against Bangladesh in Hamilton. Hill has served as a neutral umpire for ICC matches away from New Zealand. In

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