IPL Team Owners Name

IPL Team Owners Name: The Indian Premier League is more than just a cricket extravaganza. It’s a perfect combo of sports, entertainment, and business. The owners of IPL teams are passionate about the game, and most owners are Bollywood celebrities and industrialists. This blog will explore the complete list of IPL team owners for 2023–24. Here, you can also learn about the driving forces behind their respective franchises.

The Business of IPL Ownership

IPL ownership isn’t just about a passion for cricket; it’s a blend of sports and business acumen. The IPL team owners bring a variety of backgrounds and expertise to the table. Hence, it makes the IPL a cricketing event and a platform for the entrepreneurial spirit to shine.

In a league where talent and strategy meet entertainment and glamor, the IPL has become a global phenomenon. The owners of IPL teams play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of their respective franchises. It makes each season a spectacle of fierce competition and entertainment. Their deep pockets and love for the game make the IPL one of the most-watched cricket leagues globally.

As you dive into the 2023–24 IPL season, the owners of these ten teams will continue to be the driving force behind the thrilling matches and unforgettable moments the league offers. Whether it’s the towering presence of Mukesh Ambani, the charisma of Shahrukh Khan, or the strategic minds of Manoj Badale and Lachlan Murdoch, each owner adds a unique flavor to the IPL.

IPL Team Owners Name

Mumbai IPL Team Owner Name

The most successful team in IPL history is the Mumbai Indians. Indian Win Sports, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, owns it. This franchise boasts the backing of Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani. Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest individuals globally, ensures that the Mumbai Indians are a force to be reckoned with on and off the field.

Chennai IPL Team Owner Name

Who is the owner of CSK? The name of the owner of Chennai Super Kings is Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited. The name of the owner of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited Company is N Srinivasan. He is also the MD, Vice Chairman, and CEO of Indian Cement Company.

Rajasthan IPL Team Owner Name

Rajasthan Royals, often dubbed the “Moneyball team” of the IPL. This team has Manoj Badale and Lachlan Murdoch as its owners. This team won the inaugural IPL season in 2008 and has continued to attract a global fanbase. Manoj Badale and Lachlan Murdoch combine business acumen and cricketing passion.

Delhi IPL Team Owner Name

Who is the owner of DC? The Delhi Capitals IPL team is owned by GMR Group and JSW Group. The names of the companies of both of these groups are GMR Sports Pvt. Ltd. and JSW Sports Pvt. Ltd. The founder of GMR Group is Grandhi Malikarjuna Rao, and on the other side is Sajjan Jindal, the founder of JSW Group.

Kolkata IPL Team Owner Name

Kolkata Knight Riders, a fan favorite, boasts star-studded ownership. Bollywood’s King Khan, Shahrukh Khan, actress Juhi Chawla, and her husband Jay Mehta own this Kolkata-based franchise. Their company, Knight Riders Sports Private Limited, ensures that KKR shines both on and off the pitch.

Bangalore IPL Team Owners Name

Who is the owner of the RCB? The name of the company’s ownership of the Bangalore team in the IPL is United Spirits Limited. At present, the owner of this company is Mahendra Kumar Sharma, and according to this, the owner of the IPL team in Bangalore is also Mahendra Kumar Sharma.

Hyderabad IPL Team Owners Name

Who is the owner of SRH? Sunrisers Hyderabad is owned by Sun Group, whose company is SUN TV Network. This company runs its own TV channels, and it bought the Hyderabad team in 2012. The Sunrisers Hyderabad team is owned by Kalanithi Maran of Sun Group.

Punjab IPL Team Owners Name

The Punjab Kings, earlier known as Kings XI Punjab, are based in Mohali, Punjab. The team ownership is a partnership between Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, Mohit Burman, Ness Wadia, and Karan Paul. Preity Zinta’s passionate involvement with the team is well-known. Hence, she is a visible face in the IPL landscape.

Lucknow IPL Team Owners Name

Who is the owner of Lucknow? The Lucknow team is owned by RPSG Group, and well-known businessman Sanjeev Goenka is the owner of this group. Sanjeev Goenka bought the Lucknow team in the IPL team auction for Rs 7090 crore. Sanjeev Goenka is one of the biggest industrialists of the country before this Sanjeev Goenka has also been the owner of Rising Pune Superjoints in the IPL in 2016 and 2017.

Gujarat IPL Team Owner Name

Who is the owner of Gujarat? Two new teams in the IPL have been announced, which include the names Lucknow and Ahmedabad. If we talk about the IPL team in Ahmedabad, it represents itself with the name “Gujarat Titans.”. The ownership of the Gujarat Titan team is with CVC Capital Partners; even before this, the company had big stakes in sports.

CVC Capitals, a Europe-based company, has bought the team from Ahmedabad in the IPL team auction for Rs 5600 crore. The chairman of this company is Steve Colts. The company deals in sports as well as investment banking and brokerage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many IPL teams are there this year?

There are 10 IPL teams this year.

Who are the IPL team owners this time?

There are many IPL team owners this time, including Kalanithi Maran, Reliance Industries, United Spirits, etc.

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