Top 10 Fastest and Slowest IPL Centuries

Unleash the blitz and the grind: Explore the 10 fastest and slowest centuries in IPL history, from Chris Gayle’s 30-ball fury to Manish Pandey’s methodical march.

Top 10 Fastest IPL Centuries:

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its explosive batting displays, with boundaries raining down and bowlers left bewildered. But nothing quite ignites the crowd like a blistering century, a display of brute power and pure cricketing skill that leaves everyone gasping for air. Today, we celebrate the ten fastest centuries ever scored in IPL history, where batsmen have redefined the art of quick scoring and shattered records with each monstrous hit.

1. Chris Gayle – 30 balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Pune Warriors India, 2013):

The undisputed king of power hitting, Chris Gayle, sits atop the throne with his jaw-dropping century off just 30 balls in 2013. Picture sixes soaring into the stands, boundaries blurring past fielders, and the “Universe Boss” etching his name in IPL folklore. It remains the fastest century in IPL history, a testament to Gayle’s raw power and unwavering confidence.

2. Yusuf Pathan – 37 balls (Rajasthan Royals vs. Mumbai Indians, 2010):

Before Gayle’s reign began, Yusuf Pathan held the record with his audacious 37-ball century in 2010. His brute force and aggressive hitting sent shockwaves through the Mumbai Indians lineup, showcasing his immense talent and announcing his arrival on the IPL stage.

3. David Miller – 38 balls (Kings XI Punjab vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2013):

Another batsman from the 2013 season, David Miller, carved his name into the record books with a lightning-fast 38-ball century. His powerful strokes and calculated aggression left the RCB bowlers helpless, proving that Miller was a force to be reckoned with in the T20 arena.

4. Adam Gilchrist – 42 balls (Deccan Chargers vs. Mumbai Indians, 2008):

The inaugural IPL season witnessed the legendary Adam Gilchrist unleash his fury, smashing a 42-ball century for the Deccan Chargers. His elegant yet brutal hitting dismantled the Mumbai Indians attack, reminding everyone why he was one of the greatest batsmen of his generation.

5. AB de Villiers – 43 balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Gujarat Lions, 2016):

Mr. 360 himself, AB de Villiers, proved his versatility with a stunning 43-ball century in 2016. His unorthodox shots and audacious hitting left the bowlers clueless, showcasing his incredible range and adaptability as a batsman.

6. David Warner – 43 balls (Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Kolkata Knight Riders, 2017):

The explosive David Warner joined the 43-ball club in 2017, unleashing a brutal display of power against the Kolkata Knight Riders. His clean hitting and relentless aggression sent the ball soaring over the boundaries, reminding everyone of his destructive capabilities.

7. Shubman Gill – 54 balls (Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Rajasthan Royals, 2022):

Rising star Shubman Gill entered the fray in 2022 with a blistering 54-ball century against the Rajasthan Royals. His elegant strokeplay and controlled aggression belied his young age, showcasing his immense talent and promising a bright future in the IPL.

8. KL Rahul – 56 balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2018):

The elegant KL Rahul etched his name on the list with a beautifully crafted 56-ball century in 2018. His mix of power and finesse decimated the Sunrisers Hyderabad attack, proving that he was not just a skillful player but also a master of the chase.

9. Sanju Samson – 56 balls (Kerala Kings vs. Chennai Super Kings, 2022):

Another rising star, Sanju Samson, made his mark in 2022 with a breathtaking 56-ball century for the Kerala Kings. His audacious strokes and calculated aggression kept the Chennai Super Kings on their toes, showcasing his potential as a future IPL great.

10. Devdutt Padikkal – 56 balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Rajasthan Royals, 2022):

The young and talented Devdutt Padikkal etched his name on the list with a stunning 56-ball century in 2022. His elegant strokeplay and controlled aggression belied his young age, showcasing his immense talent and promising a bright future in the IPL.

Padikkal’s century came against the Rajasthan Royals in Pune. He opened the batting for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and started off slowly, scoring just 10 runs off his first 10 balls. But then he exploded, hitting 46 runs off his next 20 balls. He reached his century off just 56 balls, hitting 11 fours and 7 sixes.

Padikkal’s century helped the Royal Challengers Bangalore post a mammoth total of 223-5. They went on to win the match by 6 wickets.

Padikkal’s century was a special moment for the young batsman. It showed that he has the potential to be one of the best batsmen in the IPL. He will be looking to build on this performance in the years to come.

Top 10 Slowest IPL Centuries:

In the IPL’s whirlwind of sixes and boundary blurs, a different breed of hero emerges: the master of the slow century. These batsmen defy the expectations of slam-bam T20, meticulously constructing innings brick by brick, proving that patience and precision can conquer the fastest game. Let’s celebrate the top 10 slowest centuries in IPL history, where meticulous shot selection trumps explosive hitting:

10. Sanju Samson (62 balls; Delhi Daredevils vs. Rising Pune Supergiant, 2017):

The young Samson displayed remarkable resilience with this 62-ball ton, anchoring the DD innings. His calculated play ensured a competitive total despite limited support from the other batsmen.

9. KL Rahul (62 balls; Punjab Kings vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2020):

Another Rahul entry, this 62-ball knock showcased his adaptability. He expertly built the innings against RCB’s potent bowling attack, guiding Punjab to a respectable score.

8. Ambati Rayudu (62 balls; Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2018):

Mr. Consistent, Rayudu, proved his worth with this calm and composed 62-ball century. His perfect blend of patience and power helped SRH chase down a tricky target against RCB.

7. Virat Kohli (63 balls; Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Gujarat Lions, 2016):

The run machine himself demonstrated his resilience with this well-crafted 63-ball ton. His determination helped RCB post a winning total against Gujarat Lions.

6. KL Rahul (63 balls; Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2023):

Rahul makes a second appearance, proving his mastery of slow-burning centuries. His 63-ball knock helped RCB post a respectable total against SRH, but unfortunately, ended on the losing side.

5. Kevin Pietersen (64 balls; Deccan Chargers vs. Kolkata Knight Riders, 2012):

The flamboyant KP surprised everyone with a composed 64-ball ton. His mix of patience and aggression helped Deccan Chargers chase down a challenging target against KKR.

4. Jos Buttler (66 balls; Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals, 2022):

The destructive Buttler surprised us all with his 66-ball anchor role. His lesson in shot selection helped Rajasthan Royals post a competitive total against Mumbai Indians.

3. David Warner (69 balls; Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Delhi Daredevils, 2010):

An early IPL hero, Warner carved his name into the record books with a gritty 69-ball ton. His mix of power and finesse helped KKR chase down a daunting target against Delhi Daredevils.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (66 balls; Mumbai Indians vs. Kochi Tuskers Kerala, 2011):

The legendary Sachin proved age was just a number with his masterful 66-ball century. His masterclass in timing and placement reminded everyone why he was one of the greatest of all time.

1. Manish Pandey (73 balls; Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Deccan Chargers, 2009):

A young Pandey announced his arrival on the IPL stage with a marathon 73-ball ton. His elegant strokeplay and calculated risk-taking helped RCB secure a narrow victory.

These slow-burning centuries stand as a testament to the diverse skills required in T20 cricket. They remind us that patience, precision, and shot selection can be just as valuable as blistering sixes in conquering the fastest game. So, the next time you witness a batsman carefully constructing an innings, remember, they might just be etching their name on the list of slowest, yet most masterful IPL centuries.

This list highlights the beauty of these meticulously crafted centuries. While the fastest ones grab headlines, these batsmen deserve recognition for their patience, resilience, and shot selection in a format often dominated by explosive hitting. They prove that slow and steady can win the race, even in the fast-paced world of the IPL. Read more about more stump in IPL

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