10 Greatest Moments in India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches: India and Pakistan are rivals on and off the field because of their history. This only makes any game between the two teams more exciting and looked forward to. Today, we’re going to talk about what we think are the 10 best moments from cricket matches between India and Pakistan. india vs pakistan cricket match today.

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1. Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy Final 2017

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches/Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy Final 2017

Team Pakistan started out as the underdog in the Champions Trophy, but they quickly changed that. The final match between archrivals Pakistan and India was the cherry on top for cricket fans.
Pakistan went against tradition and batted first, scoring 348 points. Blue Shirts responded by falling down on 158. By 180 runs, Pakistan easily won the Champions Trophy.

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2. When India became the World T20 Champions (2007)

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches/India became the World T20 Champions (2007)

The first India vs. Pakistan cricket match was exciting and nerve-wracking for both players and fans. India and Pakistan’s final match decided the first T20 World Cup champion.
Pakistan needed 13 runs in 6 balls to win the Cup. Misbah-ul-Haq was happy to help his team win. The Indian captain gave the last over to an inexperienced player, Joginder Sharma.
Misbah-ul-Haq threw the ball into the crowd, but an Indian player caught it. This was the game’s climax. On that day, India won T20.

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3. Bowl-out (2007)

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches/Bowl-out (2007)

Inaugural India vs Pakistan cricket India and Pakistan played each other twice in the ICC T20 World Cup. One was in the final, and the other was in the group stage, a long time before the final.
In the history of cricket between India and Pakistan, that game was the first T20 match between the two countries. As expected, it was a lot of fun and excitement. In 20 overs, each team got exactly the same number of runs, so they tied.
In order to break the tie, a bowl-out round was held (something like penalties in football). Each team picked five bowlers who had to hit the stumps. Pakistan did very badly, while India knocked off three times.

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4. Javed Miandad’s unforgettable sixer (1986)

Javed Miandad’s unforgettable sixer (1986)

The final of the Austral-Asia Cup was a turning point in Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad’s career. When India batted first, they got a good score of 245. Miandad got there early and stayed still as his partners fell one by one.
In the end, Pakistan needed four runs to win with nine wickets down. Miandad was up to bat and took the chance to hit the ball into the stands.

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5. Shahid Afridi’s smashing 102 off 46 (2005)

Shahid Afridi’s smashing 102 off 46 (2005)

India and Pakistan played the first game of the six-game ODI series in 2005. Indian soon took the lead, with a 2-0 score. At that time, the Indian team looked pretty strong and scary. But in Kanpur, Pakistan did a great job of coming back.
India could only score 249 runs because of how hard Naved-ul-Hassan worked. Afridi, who is one of the hardest hitters in cricket, started things off for Pakistan. He wasted no time in destroying Indian cricket strategy and making the second-fastest century in ODI history (at the time).
When Afridi was out at 131 in the fifteenth over, it was a relief, but by that time, Pakistan was already on the way to winning.


6. Kumble nailed perfect 10 (1999)

Kumble nailed perfect 10 (1999)

On February 8, India was in Delhi to play a Test match against Pakistan. Pakistan got off to a good start, and it looked like they were going to reach their goal, which was to win the second innings.
Anil Kumble, India’s best leg-spin bowler and one of the best spin bowlers of all time, was brought in to take advantage of the situation. He then started a string of brutal attacks.
In one amazing bowling spell, Kumble took out the whole batting line-up by himself, and it goes without saying that the Indians won the match.

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7. Unexpected result (1984)

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches/Unexpected result (1984)

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium was full of people who came to see what they paid for. India and Pakistan, two of the most interesting rivals, went at it on the field. India was only able to get 125 runs, which was a shame. The Pakistani team couldn’t be stopped, so the result wasn’t really a surprise.
Cricket, on the other hand, has a reputation for being hard to predict. The whole Pakistani team, which had a chance to win in a row, ended up with an embarrassing score of 87.

8. Dynamic duo Dravid-Yuvraj (2003)

Dynamic duo Dravid Yuvraj 2003
Dynamic duo Dravid Yuvraj 2003Dynamic duo Dravid Yuvraj 2003

Sachin Tendulkar played a great 98 out of 75 balls at Centurion Park. Because of him, the required run rate was quickly brought under control. India needed 100 more runs to win, though.
Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh were expected to play the best games of their careers for their country. They didn’t let us down. They worked well together to make a 99-run team without many problems.
If they hadn’t stood their ground, the Indian team’s weaker players would have made for a show and an embarrassing loss.

9. The day fans went mad and crazy (1999)

The day fans went mad and crazy (1999)

During the Asian Test Championship, the two countries played in front of 465,000 fans. Saeed Anwar’s 188, Shoaib Akhtar’s 4/71 and 4/47, etc. The match gained notoriety for something uninspiring. When Sachin Tendulkar was run out in the second innings, the audience was angry.
This caused pandemonium and disturbance, so cops cleared the stand. Pakistan won by 46 runs.

10. Javed Miandad’s jumping jack moment (1992)

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches: India and Pakistan are rivals on and off the field because of their history
Javed Miandad’s jumping jack moment (1992)

Javed Miandad jumped like a frog in front of Kiran More during the 1992 World Cup. Fans and photographers were bewildered. Miandad couldn’t stand Kiran More’s constant appeals, so he told him off.
He stopped the bowler midway and confronted More. Miandad mimicked More’s jumps after playing a ball. Miandad was not punished by experts.

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