10 Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate in ODI, T20, and Test

Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate: The batting strike rate is the average number of runs scored by a batter for every 100 balls he or she faces. In general, a batsman’s ability to score quickly improves as his strike rate goes up. We have made a list of the top 10 batsmen in all formats with the highest strike rate (ODI, T20, and Test).

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Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate
Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate

Batsman’s strike rate isn’t as important

In Test cricket, a batsman’s strike rate isn’t as important as how well he can score runs without getting bowled. Most people think that a batsman’s batting average, not his strike rate, is the most important statistic about him. In limited-overs cricket, the strike rate is a big deal. Since each team only sees a certain number of balls in an inning, the faster a batter scores, the more runs his team will get.
With strike rates over 150, Twenty20 cricket is becoming more and more popular. In one-day cricket, the strike rate (s/r) is probably the most important measure of how well a batsman did. So, batsmen with a higher strike rate, especially in Twenty20 games, are thought to be better than those with a lower strike rate. Also, at the most recent ICC World Cup in 2019, there was a chance to break the record for the most runs scored per innings.

How Do You Figure Out Your Batting Strike Rate?

The average number of runs scored in 100 balls is the strike rate (s/r). It is found by dividing the total number of runs by the number of deliveries and then multiplying by 100. The result will be a batter’s s/r.
It is worked out in two different ways:
Batting strike rate of a player in a particular match.
Batting strike rate of a player during his entire career.

One Day International (ODI) –1000 Career Runs

Here are the names of the players who have scored at least 1000 runs over the course of their careers.

Players MatInnsSR RunsHSAveBF
GJ Maxwell 4744126.19134410235.361065
Shahid Afridi 398369117.00806412423.576892
NLTC Perera10477112.15113580*17.731012
JC Buttler5547111.30128012132.01150
V Sehwag251245104.33827321935.057929
DJG Sammy126*10599.6218488924.971855
IDS Smith987799.43105562*17.291061
AB de Villiers18617898.877876162*53.217966
AC Gilchrist28727996.94961917235.899922
One day international 1000 career runs

Highest Strike Rate in ODI’s – Without 1000 Runs Restriction

AD Russell (WI)50*41129.6992492*28.87718
RR Rossouw1918108.3058713234.52542
CJ Anderson33*29125.54860131*35.83685
L Ronchi47*37123.98977170*32.56788
LOB Cann2625117.065905226.81504
AM Blignaut5441106.2862663*18.96589
YK Pathan5741113.60810123*27.00713
JP Faulkner4232112.3279311644.05706
Rizwan Cheema3332111.537649424.64685
JA Morkel 5843100.257829723.69780
Highest Strike Rate in ODI’s – Without 1000 Runs Restriction

Highest Strike Rate in T20

T20 cricket is a well-known format where the batsmen have to make runs quickly and with a high strike rate because they want to score so badly. So, here are some of the names of the players with the highest strike rate in the T20 World Cup, which is the shortest form of cricket.

E Chigumbura 2726156.7546453*22.09296
NLTC Perera 3831155.854664933.28299
DJG Sammy5845152.9951142*17.03334
AJ Finch2222152.4175615639.78496
V Sehwag1918145.383946821.88271
Shahid Afridi7771145.29114254*19.03786
Yuvraj Singh4037144.6996877*31.22669
SR Watson4846143.9611561126.88803
CH Gayle4543142.59140611735.15986
JA Morkel4938142.285724321.18402
Highest Strike Rate in T20I

Players with Highest Strike Rate – Test Match

Test matches are one of the most traditional types of cricket games. They require players to be disciplined, dedicated, and most importantly, patient.

Shahid Afridi274886.97171615636.5110
Tim Southee416786.54108177*17.7225
V Sehwag104108082.23858631949.3491
Adam Gilchrist9613781.955570204*47.60379
Graeme Swann607676.4913708522.0954
David Warner387274.37323118046.8229
M Muralitharan13316470.2812616711.6772
Harbhajan Singh102104365.11221011518. 4142
R Ashwin253762.43100912436.0311
Chris Gayle10318260.26721433342.1896

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