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virat kohli performance against pakistan

Virat Kohli is the cricketing force of nature because of years of adversity, an unwavering passion, exceptional talent, and hard work. However, a nation of almost 200 million people turns any shade of red or pale once he enters the field and assumes guard. He possesses a terrific leg tickle and a fantastic drive through the covers. Virat Kohli’s dominance in cricket, especially Virat Kohli best knocks against Pakistan is a result of years of hardship, undying devotion, tremendous talent, and diligent work. 

Virat Kohli Best Knocks Against Pakistan

Virat Kohli T20I stats against Pakistan:

Virat Kohli T20I stats against Pakistan has a very acceptable average of 67.66. In nine games, he has scored 406 runs, including four half-centuries. Kohli has reached the fifty-run mark against Pakistan in three of his four World Cup outings. When Shaheen Shah Afridi released him after he hit 57 runs in Dubai the year before, he had since amassed 226 runs while striking out just once. In the T20s versus Pakistan, Kohli (406) is also the fourth-highest run scorer. In T20 World Cups and other T20 international games, Virat Kohli consistently gets runs against Pakistan, and his strike rate is lower than his lifetime average of 138.09. His World Cup scoring rate versus Pakistan is 126.25, but when his whole T20I record against them is considered, it falls to 119.06.

Virat Kohli ODI stats against Pakistan:

Virat Kohli’s career highest (183) is against Pakistan in an ODI. Virat Kohli ODI stats against Pakistan comprises a total of 13 ODI matches with an average of 48.73 and a strike rate of 96.23. He has scored 2 centuries and 2 50’s and comprises a total score of 536 against Pakistan with a golden duck also.

Virat Kohli Best Knocks Against Pakistan In World Cups:

Virat Kohli is always a special player for his team players. Virat Kohli performances in the world cup against Pakistan is a huge contribution for team India winning stats. Kohli has scored 1024 runs at an impressive strike rate of 107.67 while averaging 60.23 runs per innings in 23 innings throughout all ODIs and T20s against Pakistan. Virat Kohli’s recent performance in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 to solidify his team place was tremendous. He scored an unbeaten run score of 83 runs in 53 balls. In pursuits across the five T20 World Cup campaigns, Kohli has scored 541 runs at a strike rate of 135.92.In contrast, VK’s average in T20 World Cup games jumps to an astounding 226. He registered 459 ODI runs against them, with an average of 45.90, followed by a strike rate of 93.29

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